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What do the levels (B, BB, A, AA) mean? – NVVA

Level AA – Consists of teams with a superior knowledge of the game and rules. Skill levels range from Experienced to Professionally Trained Athletes. All players understand rotational sequence, offensive concepts (i.e., 5-1, 6-2, etc.) and defensive positions and can apply them in competition. Game and player strategies are well understood (i ...

Volleyball Level of Play Definition

Level Definition; AA: Division 1 college team or advanced club level player that can compete on a national tournaments A: Elite high school, club, or college level player that can run different offenses (6-2, 5-1), have a great understanding of all positions on the court and can execute all skills with accuracy and power.

Indoor Club Volleyball Teams/Levels - Excell Sports

We do not hire high school students or students currently in college (undergraduate level) to coach Club Volleyball, as we believe their focus (during the time of club volleyball season) needs to be on their own school success. We do allow for college-level Coaches to coach with us over the summer months. We aim to keep teams to 10 players.

Levels of Participation - Integrity Volleyball Club

The level of focus will be ensuring a proper foundation to play competitive volleyball and team building. Practice will be once per week but unlike other clubs at this level this is a tryout team and 2 experienced coaches are provided. 11/12U Limited Club team will begin practices in September, October and November through our Academy Intense ...

Everything You Need To Know About The Five Junior National ...

The open division in club volleyball is the top level of play out of the five, with the competition being more rigorous. There are 36 teams that will compete against each other for the top prize.

Compete - USA Volleyball

Join a USA Volleyball club to have a wealth of opportunities to play. Locally, you can play in leagues or travel farther for larger tournaments, regional competitions, qualifiers and even the national championship. Each age group has multiple levels at the qualifier and national level, so your club can find the perfect level of competition.

AAU Club Levels

Any Club wishing to host an AAU licensed event, other than practice, will need to join as a Club Level 2 or 3. Any Club wishing to join Club Level 3, which allows the Club to become a 501(C) 3 recognized subordinate of the AAU and receive tax-exempt donations, must join online. There will be no refunds if the Club has already joined.

How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost, and Is It Worth It ...

The most obvious expense is the cost of actually joining a club. Each club has its own club dues that can really be whatever the club deems reasonable. Many clubs will offer different levels of teams which will have a different price tag along with a different tournament schedule and possibly even a different amount of practice time.