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Tennis String Gauge Chart The USRSA has attempted to publish a broad standard for string gauge which you can see in the table below. It outlines the USA string gauge, the size in millimetres, and its European equivalent.

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Since tennis string gauge is the thickness of a string, we can measure its diameter to come up with its size. You’ll typically find the gauge for a string printed prominently on the package, as shown in the image below. The following chart outlines the types of string gauge or measurements currently available.

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Causes of string breakage: hard hitting, top spin, cracked grommets, cold weather and strings with a low durability rating. Chronic and frequent string breakers can experiment with Kevlar or Zyex main strings since the main strings usually break first. Blending these durable main strings with more resilient cross strings will improve playability.

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Tennis string gauge is a worthy consideration when purchasing a new set for your racquet, but which should you choose?In this video, I explain what it means,...

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Tennis String Gauges and diameters. 15 = 1.41 mm 15L = 1.35 mm 16 = 1.30 mm 17 = 1.25 mm 17L = 1.20 mm 18 = 1.10 mm 19 = 1.05 mm. Taking into account string materials like polyester, multifilament, gut, nylon, and kevlar. The shape of string: star-shaped, octagonal, hexagonal, twisted, rough. The color and brand and kind of hybrid setup we ...

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Gauge. Gauges are essentially the thickness of a string. The higher the gauge, the thinner the string. The problem with gauges however, is that there is not a standardized and universal chart. A 16 gauge for one company might be a 16L (L stands for "light," which basically means it's halfway between two gauges, think of a 16L as a 16.5) for ...

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If the tennis string lasts longer than a month, then you might want to consider going the other way and switching to an 18 gauge. Of course, this method means you might need to buy 2 lots of strings, but you’ll find the right one for you, which will suit your game.

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As just referenced, string gauge tells you how thick or thin it is. Gauges run from a size 15 to size 19. What’s interesting is that the numbering sequence works in reverse order. A gauge of 15 is actually the thickest (1.51 mm to 1.49 mm), while the 19 is the thinnest (1.00 mm to 1.10 mm).

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2. What is a tennis string gauge? A string gauge means the thickness of the string or diameter of the string in other words. Generally, string gauge is measured on a scale from 15 to 19, while 15 being the ticker side and 19 thinner. 3. What is the most powerful tennis string? Natural guts are the most powerful tennis strings available on the ...